8 Foundation Repair Myths Dispelled

Foundation is part of the surface foundation of reinforced concrete. They are dimensioned so that the tensile stresses that act on the foundation do not fall on the concrete but in the armature. Learn more below.The Foundation has a small height in relation to the dimensions of the base. These, in turn, are, in general, in rectangular, square or trapezoidal plan. If you would like to fix your foundations or even to build new ones, always count with the help of Houston foundation repair.

Foundation: Advantages

Foundations are relatively cheaper than other basic structures. They are fast-running and do not require special equipment to be made: concrete consumption is low and excavation does not have to be deep. Among the shallow foundations are the structures that withstand greater load capacity. Whether you are building brand new foundations or if you have been looking for Houston foundation repair this article will be able to help you understand more on the subject.

Characteristics of Foundation and their Types

Foundations are used when the underground survey probes point to the presence of hard clay. They support low to medium load. They are “semi-flexible” structures and, unlike bases that work with simple compression, the Foundation work flexion. The type most used in construction is the insulated foundation. It is the simplest and superficial, sized to withstand the weight of only one column or pillar. It is found in circular, square, rectangular and other forms. If you need help fixing foundation count with the help of Foundation repair Houston.

For continuous constructions such as walls and walls, the running shoe is used. Also it is a shallow foundation and the excavation dispenses machines, being able to be made only with the hands. It is usually made with cyclic concrete (composed of hand stones). Finally, the lever shoe – or balance beam – is used when its base is not aligned with the center of gravity of the abutment because it is located near currencies or other conditions that constitute an obstacle. A beam is created between two Foundations, balancing the whole construction.

Foundations – Structural Work

The foundations are structures executed by the laying of stones or solid annealed bricks and mainly concrete, in ditches of little depth (between 0,50 to 1,20 m) and width varying according to the load of the walls.

Associated Foundation or Radier

When the soil is less stable, requiring greater depth, or when several abutments do not align when viewed in plan, the associated shoe, also known as radier, is used. This occurs when two Foundation end up getting too close for lack of space. Or at the option of engineers (talk to Houston foundation repair to understand better).The associate is a single foundation that receives the load of two or more nearby pillars. They have two systems: the concrete slab (flexible system) and the slab and concrete beams (rigid system). Do not forget to install the sewage pipes and drains before making the radier.


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