Foundation repair & waterproofing

Why Can’t You Ignore a Foundation Repair Problem?

The foundation of your home is arguably its most important feature. Although it’s largely hidden from view, it does its job day after day, keeping you and your home safe. Without a proper foundation, your floors can slope, your doors can warp and become difficult to close, and much, much more can go wrong. Here’s why you can’t ignore a foundation repair if you need one.

Small problems will become big ones

Although small cracks in foundations can be largely cosmetic, getting them repaired is the first line of defense in foundation repair. This small structural repair can usually be done with epoxy, and you can do it yourself. If you leave the small cracks alone and don’t repair them, however, they can become big ones; in turn, those big cracks can lead to buckling or crumbling. Ultimately, that can lead to walls buckling, floors sloping, and even complete collapse of your home.

Big problems become expensive (and incredibly inconvenient) ones

Putting a little epoxy in some small cracks in your foundation is a relatively easy job, and it’s not going to cost you much. If you let things go as they are, though, and you let small foundation repair problems become big ones, they also become expensive. Save yourself money and trouble by keeping an eye on and taking care of small foundation repair problems before they become big ones.

You’ll hurt your home’s value

Your home is your castle, to be sure, but it’s also probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. While small structural repair problems can be easily fixed and won’t hurt your home’s value, you can significantly impact it in a negative fashion if you don’t take care of those problems. If your walls are buckling because your foundation is crumbling, it’s absolutely unattractive and may be unsafe. This will hurt your home’s value; that means that even if you can take care of the repair this point, you’ll spend a lot of money getting the job done and may not recoup the value of your home in its pristine state before the foundation collapse occurred.

You could be putting yourself in danger

Small structural repair jobs are easy to do, and the problems they cause aren’t particularly dangerous. Let foundation repair lapse, though, and those buckling walls or crumbling foundation can put you in danger. As the problem gets worse, you put greater stress on the walls and foundation. Although sloping floors and warped doors are unattractive, a collapse could actually be life-threatening. Take care of structural repair jobs when they’re still small, and keep yourself, your possessions, and your family safe. Read more info coming from http://www.cedarfurnishings.com/types-foundation-repair/

You could end up homeless

Foundation repair & waterproofingIt’s also worth noting that city inspectors don’t generally hold kindly to homeowners who don’t take care of their homes and foundations, resulting in the aforementioned damage. You could risk getting your home condemned if you don’t take care of foundation problems before they become serious problems that make your home literally unlivable.

You’ll make your home unattractive

Even if you don’t get kicked out of your house because it’s unlivable, sloping floors a crumbling foundation make for one ugly house. You don’t want your pride and joy – the biggest investment of your life – your home and castle, to be an eyesore, do you? Take care of foundation problems when they’re still small, and you can see to it that your home remains your castle.